Childbirth: Maternal Diet Affects Child’s Bone –

Almond butter, almond protein, whey smoothy... for when you can't stomach any more meat or beans!
Almond butter, almond protein, whey smoothy… for when you can’t stomach any more meat or beans!

Ah, yes, yet another article exclaiming the benefits of protein consumption during pregnancy! In previous posts I’ve talked about eating meat again after 15-years as a vegetarian and also about upping my intake of protein prior to IVF (that we didn’t end up doing because I got pregnant, unsuccessful yes, but still pregnant for a short time all the same).

So without further adieu, here are the highlights of the NY Times article:

“The study found that the children whose mothers consumed more protein, phosphorus and vitamin B12 when they were pregnant had the greatest bone mass and bone mineral content. The researchers also found that higher consumption of carbohydrates and greater blood concentrations of homocysteine – an amino acid that accumulates in response to a deficiency in B vitamins – were associated with lower bone mass and mineral content.”

Read the full article here: Childbirth: Maternal Diet Affects Child’s Bone –

I’m not pregnant yet, but regardless I’m off to choke down some more protein! Gotten strengthen up those eggs, right?



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  1. Haley Hill

    Hi steph! Great post. When I did IVF, I ate tonnes of protein but not all from meat- nuts, peanut butter, a litre of whole milk a day! And I took amino acid supplements – the building blocks of protein. I’m not sure if it had any impact but as you know, we ended up with identical twins. Wishing you the best of luck. I remember how horribly stressful the whole process was. X


    • Steph Mignon

      Fertility Doll, I commented on your most recent post and told you to get back on the horse, but I feel a little bad that I didn’t give you more TLC. Don’t beat yourself up! We all fall off the wagon from time to time. When I was pregnant I binged on gluten and then wondered if that caused my MC. That was until I got the fetal analysis and learned that gluten had nothing to do with it! SO, don’t worry too much… I think enjoying life is just as important.


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