Beta #2

Here’s the latest.
Hcg: 798
Progesterone: 44

Estradiol: 333

I’m a little nervous about that hcg. Isn’t it a tad high? It more than tripled in 48-hours. :/ Can’t that be an indicator of chromosomal abnormalities? Or multiples?



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  1. Steph Mignon

    I’m about 4 weeks exactly. My clinic doesn’t seem worried about it, BUT I’m prepared for anything. The good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s actually helping my sanity to just expect the worst!


  2. Haley Hill

    So pleased everything is going well for you. My hcg tripled too and I had twins. Although my friend’s hcg increased more than mine and she had a singleton.

    You’ll have to wait for the first scan….More waiting! In the meantime – hope your interview goes well! X


  3. gardengirl29

    I think there is a possibility of twins! Here is what I found on a random website:

    If hCG levels are taken and they not only double, but triple, quadruple or more, this is often a sign that there is more than one baby in the uterus. When a woman is pregnant with multiples, her hormones will rise much faster than they do when it is just a single pregnancy.

    Who knows how accurate it is, but it sounds like some other commenters experienced this and had twins!

    The wait for the first scan will be tough! I’m excited and hope things continue to go well. And good luck on your interview tomorrow!


  4. lamentingthelentil

    We have an over achiever on our hands! I’ve never heard anything about chromosomal abnormalities and high rising numbers, but I have heard it with multiples. I’ve also heard of healthy singlet pregnancies having crazy doubling times, though, so you probably can’t read TOO much into it. Next week’s a big week!!!


  5. cassiedash

    Those look like good numbers to me! I think a quickly rising hcg level CAN indicate problems or multiples, but it also can be perfectly normal. As with everything, pregnancy and hormone levels are different for everyone. I only had one beta in this pregnancy, because my first test showed a level so high that they thought I was about 7 weeks pregnant and wanted to skip straight ahead to the u/s. But no…as it turns out, I was barely five weeks at the time of the blood draw. I just had an hcg level that rose incredibly fast. And yet, baby is a singleton and perfectly healthy as far as we know. So don’t obsess too much, okay? I know it’s next to impossible, but if your clinic isn’t worried, then you probably shouldn’t be either. (Though I do fully understand the inclination to totally prepare yourself for the worst.)


  6. Daryl

    Hmm…how do you feel about twins? Like others have said, it could go either way. You may just have super numbers with one kiddo in there, or it could be multiples. Can’t wait to see what that first scan reveals!


  7. SM

    Twins! Or just a super singleton! I don’t think it necessarily indicates anything bad. The numbers have to be sky-high to indicate something bad like a molar pregnancy. Fingers crossed for next Friday!


    • Steph Mignon

      Yeah the more I read about molars the more it seems like betas are ridiculously high, like 13,000 on the first one. Scans seem to be the only thing that can really indicate how well or bad off things are.


  8. babymakingadventures

    I think no need to worry right now! Betas are a weird thing, they don’t always follow the rules. Usually when they worry about chromosomal stuff is when they are obscenely high (like I saw one lady with a molar pregnancy who’s beta was >400,000!). Hope for the best!


  9. marwil

    So glad that to see the latest updates. Very exciting!! The wait for the first scan is the worse to see that all is well to begin with. But with those numbers, it seems to be on track and then some… I hope it is twins if that is what you wish for šŸ™‚


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