37 weeks, The Beach & Changing Station Mania!

Since we spent all our money on the new house, we had none left for a baby moon (poor me, right?). So now that we’re settled in to said house (it’s not decorated to perfection, but it will do for now), we’re finally able to spend the weekends exploring our new neighborhood and doing something amazing – actually having fun! With that in mind, we drove to Ventura on Saturday along a country road lined with mountains and fruit stands. We absolutely positively fell in love with this little beach town and hope to someday own property there (reason #500 million I need to get a job again soon after Daphne is born). Here are some pictures of Merp and I enjoying the sun. We’re soaking up every moment of our last weeks sans baby.

37 weeks baaaaby!
37 weeks baaaaby!
A man and his dog.
A man and his dog.

Speaking of baby, I’ve been feverishly preparing the house for Daphne Joyce’s arrival. You know just the usual washing baby clothes, packing hospital bags, and buying supplies, like nursing bras, jammies, hospital snacks and an exercise ball for labor (I can’t believe I didn’t already have one of those! Bad FitnessWhore). Can I say I abhor Motherhood Maternity’s under-wire sorry excuse for a bra contraptions? They are just absolutely horrendous. Of course I’m obsessed with Walmart’s soft cheap $12 wireless bras that I discovered days after I already had dropped $80 on nonreturnable bras at Motherhood. Also at Walmart, the motherland of cheap goods and labor exploitation, I stocked up on Merp approved snacks for the big day(s). Most of these snacks aren’t especially healthy so I threw in some nitrite free organic beef jerky and dried fruit from Wholefoods to round out my junk food snack pack. But the Walmart employee checking me out didn’t know that and actually said,  “You aren’t eating this stuff pregnant are you?” I looked at the bevy of Dorito bags and replied, “God no, these are for my husband.” I mean the LAST place I ever expected to get nutritional advice was in line at Walmart, but I am finding that EVERYONE, especially strangers, have something to say about my condition, usually a very sweet something, but something all the same. To that I say “bring it World,” you want to shower me with attention for a pregnancy I fought hard to get, BY ALL MEANS. 🙂

Part of my preparations have also included creating changing stations all over my house. We’ve got one in the obvious place, the nursery:


We’ve got one next to the bed in the master:

Antique Buddha from Grandma's house will be removed before baby is born.
Antique Buddha from Grandma’s house will be removed before baby is born. Bye bye Buddah!

And we’ve got one, along with a sleep station, downstairs:


I am feeling more excited by the second for sugar, and spice, and everything not so nice (like poop and pee and sleepless nights!). Any other tips for what else I can do to prepare mentally, emotionally, and/or physically for giving birth and beyond?



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  1. hopingonhope

    Stupid point, perhaps you already got it covered, i didnt have a diaper pail in my liiving room and didnt want to throw sudden poop diapers in the kitchen waste, so had to kick hubs out tp buy a diaper pail for thr living room. CAnnot run a floor up to throw the diaper while baby is in the main floor. Another thing, I dont know if hospitals in US give squirty bottles to clean down there. Esp handy after each pee and poo since you will be sore for a few weeks.


  2. Lauren

    I love your idea about setting up several stations. I may need to do that too! We are living in close quarters, so it doesn’t make as much of a difference…still, helpful. Last night during our one baby care class, I was reminded of some things I need to add…witch hazel to clean her umbilical cord. Cotton pads/swabs/Qtips for sponge baths and early cleaning. I also still am trying to “finalize” a labor playlist. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but somehow I am stressing that I am going to be very annoyed by my music choices when the big day comes. Oh, well. I may have to check out Walmart. I’ve only bought one nursing bra and have un-impressed with most that I have tried on. Apparently, nursing camisoles are really popular. I bought two and plan on using them more than an actual bra. It might not do much for my shape, but they seem more comfortable. We will see.


  3. Daryl

    I HATE underwires, so I may have to go to Walmart to buy me some bras. I so need to get on my snacks/hospital bag/actually assembling the bassinette/holy-sh*t-we’re-having-a-baby to-do list! Sounds like you’re almost there!


  4. jebhow515

    I just ordered a Cake nursing bra!! (I haven’t worn underwires in nearly a decade). A little more expensive, but I just used one of those handy gift cards teachers get at Xmas time. I have been saving them all for this purpose (plus diapers!) btw, Ventura and country roads sound like a good baby moon to me. 🙂


  5. journeyformybaby

    Walmart bras all the way!! My faves too at the end of pregnancy. They didn’t work on my dd postpartum boobs but that situation has calmed wayyyyyyyyyy down. 😉 That belly is gorgeous btw. 🙂


  6. biowoman29@yahoo.com

    I’m so glad you’re having fun! You look great, and the house looks so well-prepared!

    Hmm, advice… I wish I hadn’t put so much pressure on myself to write thank-you notes immediately after receiving gifts and to respond so quickly to congratulatory e-mails. I know that sounds stupid, but I spent so much time doing all that when I should have been sleeping. I should have realized that people would understand if I took a long time to respond. =)

    I know your mom will be there, and I think that’s great. It will be so wonderful for you to be able to nap while she holds the baby and for you guys to get help with the cleaning and laundry. My mom was a life-saver! Matt was learning so much, too, so it was good that my mom could take over some of the routine tasks that either one of us would normally do, and to just be there for emotional support and all those “Is this normal?” sorts of questions. I felt so much closer to my mom after she stayed with me. There is something so bonding and special about your mother helping you, her daughter, with your new baby.

    I also know of so many people who didn’t feel the intense love for their baby right away, and that’s normal. I felt intense caring and affection, but the overwhelming love part took me a few days and continues to grow with time.

    I’m excited for you! It’s all such an amazing experience. Don’t worry, though, when people tell you “Enjoy it, because it all goes by so fast” and you wonder if there is something wrong with you because you don’t enjoy every second. Each day has wonderful, euphoric moments that make it all worthwhile, but some of the moments are tough, and that’s okay!



  7. josamarie

    I also loathe the motherhood bras! When I looked they had nothing between a 38c and a 40e… Since these girls are a 36ddd, it posed a problem. I LOVE the bandini bras (target or walmart carry them); they’re super comfy, and unlike night time nursing bras they don’t fall off my chest at night, containing leakage! Plus they’re uber cheap!

    Check with your hospital or birth center before you haul your ball along, ours has them for us to use (oh my goodness, total God send during contractions!), glad we didn’t bring ours with, we’ve got more than enough stuff with us (Max is on his way now, just waiting to get to 10cm and can’t sleep!). Definitely use it at home though, it really helped me the last few weeks! Good luck!


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