Introducing Daphne Joyce!

I wanted to wait to update this when I had the cute newborn photos from Bella Baby that we took in the hospital, but I am just too excited and overflowing with love to wait another minute to announce to you that she’s here. Daphne Joyce arrived on Monday, 4/14/14 at 3:11 PM after 30 hours of labor, including 5-hours total of pushing. Additionally, because meconium (baby poop) was present in my amniotic fluid a respiratory therapy team was in the room when she crowned, there in case we needed them and we did. It was scary and wonderful and humbling to the point that I am still marveling at it all. I learned so so SO much from this experience and will post a detailed birth story soon, but until then here is a picture of this sweet little girl I really did fall instantly in love with. Life will truly never be the same.

2 days old!
2 days old!




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    Aw, she’s beautiful! She looks like a combo of you and Levi. I am so happy for you guys. It was so cool traveling this road with you and hearing all about your pregnancy. I absolutely can’t wait to meet her! Congratulations on your wonderful daughter!!


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