Foot in Mouth

As soon as I was done gushing about my baby who rarely cries, she spent a good hour doing exactly that.

For the last two nights, she’s cried from 7 until 8 PM every night after bath time…. as soon as we start to dress her on the changing table its on. Red hot screaming with real tears that drip down her nose.

AND she’s been waking up from her naps crying. That contemplative independent baby I spoke of who looks around at the world from her crib? Gone. Only temporarily, I hope.

Could this have something to do with her vaccines from 3-days ago? The result of her being in a Wonder Weeks stage (8-10 weeks)? Irritability from my now daily cups of coffee? WHO KNOWS! I so hate not knowing.

Yesterday was rough. Today, better, but not by much.



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  1. jebhow515

    Ugh. I did the same thing! My baby is so good and as soon as I gloated he decided to start with the witching hours from 6-10pm nightly…right when I am super tired and ready for sleep myself my babe is inconsolable! Hopefully they move thru these stages quickly!


  2. Daryl

    Hopefully it’s just a phase. Evenings have been rough for us for a while now, but I think that’s just my baby girl. It sounds like Daphne has a pretty even temperament most if the time. I hope she’s back to her delightful self soon!


  3. YeahScience!

    Aw, that’s tough… I recall everything up to the 3-month mark as being the Wild West of babydom — you just never really know what the hell is going on. I would echo everyone else here and say it’s not the coffee. Honestly, it’s probably just gas; their intestines are still sorting themselves out and seeing as she’s crying at the end of the day (which is always the witching hour for babies), I’d say all the more reason it’s probably an irritated tummy. Nothing you can do, other than ride it out and comfort her as much as possible!


    • Steph Mignon

      I think you’re right about gas… we were doing so well with probiotics and then we ran out… so begins my hunt for more, even better ones in hopes that makes a difference.


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