Crazy Inspired (Inspired Crazy?)

My Life As A Case Study

Out of the blue I bought a jogging stroller and started jogging (I haven’t done anything but walking or yoga in…18 months?) It felt GREAT. I wasn’t even sore! Tackling this fitness goal has increased my confidence 1000x and I have some of my swagger back. I still suck at jogging but now I have this big fancy stroller to hide behind (it looks cumbersome but is light as a feather) and it gives me some street cred.

Then today I went to the beauty salon for the first time in…at least 10 months. Mr. MLACS was nearby with BG and I did end up nursing her while my hair was in foils and I was sitting under the dryer (so I can cross that off my bucket list). I haven’t left her alone with him at all in 4 months (like not even to take a shower) because she…

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