Here’s Owl

I say this to my baby girl who is laying next to me… she’s grappling for her owl stuffed animal frantically, practically yelling, “owwwwl,” into the darkness.

This is new. She has always loved owls, but every night, for the past few, she’s made fervent requests that he be by her side.

I’ve decided to go to bed early tonight, with her, because I just don’t have anything left.

My feet hurt.

My head hurts.

My back hurts.

I’m extremely gassy. (Ugh pregnancy gas is the WORST).

My body is telling me to rest and so I will.

Next to my sweet toddler and her still damp baby feathers, I will snuggle up. Her soft little hands reach for my arm, for this phone.

I’m keeping her up. I’m keeping me up.

So I’m going to listen to my body, resist the urge to google updates on Paris, and say good night.

What is YOUR body telling you? Are you listening?



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  1. mylifeasacasestudy

    My boobs are sick of breastfeeding. It hurts and I don’t know why because the infection is healing. Thinking it’s due to BG teething and using my nipples as pacifiers. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. XOXO


  2. theunexpectedtrip

    My body is telling me to accept that I will often have insomnia and that’s that. Even when I do yoga. So perhaps My body just needs way less sleep now? Hm. My body is also telling me to wear only that which stretches and sways and let my hips be free. I wish you lots of rest.


  3. Corina

    My body is telling me to get up and get on the step ladder and get my back massager down, the one that I put over my mattress and lie on so it massages my aching back. The only problem is that I am way too tired to get out of bed and get it down. Maybe tomorrow I will remember before I get in bed.


    • Steph Mignon

      Yes you do! And the bleeding is probably an indicator of that (same thing happened to me with D when I was trying to get too active too soon). You ARE super mommy, but even super heroes need to rest sometimes. Lots of love to you mamacita! Xoxoxo

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