Check out this listing on Airbnb, House of the Smiling Sun

Here it is! The official listing for House of the Smiling Sun.

The casa still needs a few touches – throw pillows and blankets, plants, and more pictures, but people can comfortably stay there now.

We already have two reservations for Christmas and Thanksgiving. While the worries remain, I continue to remind Merp that we can reevaluate this arrangement every 6 months, with a final review at 18. If it’s too much of a money pit, we’ll find a long term renter or sell the place.

I hope neither of those things happen though, because I ♡ Ventura and love being able to stay there too.

Cheers to risks! And hopes and dreams!

Have you taken any extraordinary risks lately? Tell me I’m not the only one. Please.



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  1. cassiedash

    Oh, Steph, I love it. The master is GORGEOUS and I love that you have so many kid items available. When we rented a home in Hawaii, that was one of the major things that drew us to the house. So perfect. I bookmarked your listing. Seriously! We’ve been wanting to go back to SoCal to visit family and now I feel like I have an extra excuse… 🙂


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