Degrees of pain

This morning we got up at 5:45, a toddler wedged between us demanding to “walk.”

She’s really into walks these days.

Before the wind and cold and clouds blew in, we walked all around Ventura. To the beach. To the pier. To downtown. To donuts first. To breakfast last. And it was all truly glorious. The stuff of happiness and love and good hurt. The sweet pain of sore feet and legs and taking a break from responsibility for fun.

Sure we worked on the house the rest of the day, but it was all, when it comes down to it, good dream building work. Life is pretty spectacular when you have the time and resources to invest in your dreams.

But then, on a weekend already filled with jarring reality checks about the evil and discontent in the world, I learned via Facebook that there was a shooting in our Valencia neighborhood.

A shooting!

In the gated community we moved to to be safe.

A murder!

And possibly a suicide.

My heart hurts for that family. So very very much. My heart hurts when I think about all the darkness.

It was a beautiful weekend, but it was a sad one too.

How was your weekend? Dark? Light? Beautiful?



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  1. mylifeasacasestudy

    Well at least it wasn’t a random shooting–it was obviously planned out–so it’s not like, say, gang violence in the barrio. Sucks though. Our weekend was very mellow. Cooked a bunch of pureés (and dog treats) this evening, went for breakfast today, cooked lentils and artisian sausages for dinner yesterday (upscale pork ‘n beans), went for a jog, went to a one-year-old’s birthday party…those are the highlights! XOXO


      • mylifeasacasestudy

        I couldn’t have a relationship (or moreover allow a relationship with my family) with someone if I thought it was even remotely possible they would come to my house and slaughter my family. I’ve cut family off for sh*tty attitudes, and if I felt someone was a real threat I would take it very seriously and distance myself. I don’t know if that makes me smart or heartless, but that’s how I deal with people I can’t trust. XOXO


  2. hopingonhope

    Our weekend was spent at home, in quiet reflection of the sad events unfolding in the world. Coming from a city that has already experienced this pain about 8-10 years ago, it had desensitised me honestly.
    I dont have much hope for the world, a whole generation is growing up in violence and war in the middle east, can you imagine the future 20 years hence?


  3. cassiedash

    Our weekend was a bit of chaos! Running errands with three little ones in tow is not for the faint of heart. But there was a glorious four hours on Sunday when I got away from it all (no hubby! no kids! no baby!) to enjoy coffee with a friend. That was AMAZING!


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