18 Random Thoughts

1. After the baby is born, I’m cutting my hair and going platinum blond.

2. I’m hungry.

3. I want the apple cinnemon shake I just saw on Facebook advertised by NutriBullet.

4. I need to make a big batch of nut milk when we get home. I wish someone would do it for me.

5. My family is in the other room watching Homeland, but Merp and I aren’t caught up yet, so we’re laying next to one another in a different room. But we can still hear everything.

6. We almost brought a puppy home from the park today, but it just didn’t feel right. He was a little dog and in our experience little dogs like to pee all over the house. Plus his foster mom seemed like she is meant to keep him.

7. Sometimes I think my family members are too affectionate with D, but wonder if I’m crazy. I want to pick my battles, ya know?

8. Drunk people at family gatherings give me the creeps.

9. My husband has just fallen asleep next to me and it’s only 8 PM.

10. I feel extremely unattractive right now and can’t wait to be done with this pregnancy, can’t wait to hold my little boy.

11. My daughter is obsessed with buses. Still. I wonder when this phase will end.

12. I like Northern California better than Southern California and wish we could move up here, but we can’t.

13. Writing a blog everyday is challenging.

14. My mom talks a lot through TV shows. Annoying.

15. I love buying Christmas presents for people and would love to spend all the money, but I can’t.

16. Football is stupid in my opinion. But so is reality television and I love it. #bravoforlife

17. I’m hungrier now than I was when I started this.

18. December 1 fast approaches which means NanoPoblano will be OVER! Yay!

What random things are you thinking RIGHT NOW? Talk to me.



Add Yours
  1. Carisa Adrienne

    Cool random thoughts!
    My random thought right now is.. My husband promised to rub my neck as we watch tv. However, I’m always the one who rubs his first. He falls asleep! Geez!! Tomorrow I’m going to make him rub mine first! πŸ™‚


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