Maternity Wardrobe


Looking at this picture, I realize I don’t look as big as I feel. But dear God, I feel HUGE. Especially at night.

Oh and the scale hates me. I’m almost up 30 pounds. I might need to reel it in…

Anyway, I attribute not looking too big here to a good maternity outfit.

For me, a good maternity outfit involves black on the bottom half, the place where all of my fat cells seem to rejoice and multiply when I’m pregnant. This picture hardly showcases the largeness that is my behind. Truly. I am the non-Armenian Kim K in the derriere department. Cept’ I guarantee I have far more dimples than she’ll ever have. Oh cellulite, why must you use my pregnancy as an excuse to breed like bunny rabbits? WHY!?

To me, a good maternity outfit also involves layering on the upper half of my body since that is the part of me that stays relatively slim, but that needs to be balanced atop my big booty and thighs. I think from this point forward I shall buy only vests and scarves, things that I’ll be able to wear after pregnancy, if, of course, I buy anything for my maternity wardrobe at all. I just can’t justify spending any more money on maternity clothing when we’re 99.9 percent sure this is my last pregnancy. I’m 35. Two is a miracle. I can’t go through 3.5 months of vomiting and exhaustion again, I just can’t. Plus, there’s no guarantee we’d be blessed with a third, even if we tried.

Having fewer clothes to choose from is actually really freeing. I’m trying on that whole capsule wardrobe thing. IΒ can do simple. Watch me. (Says the girls who saves magazines and clothes from high school).

For real though, here’s what I’m wearing lately:

4 pairs of black leggings

1 pair of black and white leggings

4 maternity dresses

4 wrap sweaters (not maternity)

2 over sized sweaters

2 pairs of maternity jeans (that I HATE. Maternity jeans just do NOT work for me).

5 Old Navy maternity tanks

2 sleeveless maternity blouses obtained from Stitch fix

4 stretchy maxi skirts

Red lipstick

And then all of my pre-pregnancy scarves, boots, and other accessories to create the illusion that I actually care about how I look right now.

I mean, IΒ kind of care, otherwise why would I be writing about my capsule maternity wardrobe in the first place, right? But for real though, I’m struggling to find the motivation to change out of my pajamas. And now that I’m not super nauseous, I’m realizing it’s time to reintegrate exercise, beyond walking to and from the car for errands, back into my life. Especially when I’m eating as much as a Hobbit.

I’m approximately 22 weeks pregnant, feeling huge, and fighting the negative “thoughts” that are trying to infiltrate the positive wolf pack I’m feeding these days.

I may not feel beautiful, but I am.

I may not feel healthy, but I am.

I may not feel sexy, but I am.

Sometimes you just have to act as if, slap on the red lipstick, brush your hair, and pretend you ARE a gorgeous piece of woman meat. Despite how you feel.

Pregnant or not, what makes you feel pretty? Sexy? Healthy? I feel like I’m missing something here. I used to be so good at finding ways to work it. Nowadays the only thing I’m working are elastic waists and granny panties.





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  1. hopingonhope

    Well, I have 2 slacks non-maternity , 2 dress pants and about 4 dress shirts. I dont have any maternity shirts, i just buy 1 size bigger and longer. I honestly dont care if i look hippyish.

    I have about 4 tshirts that Are also non-maternity which i will be using after birth. Thats it. So far this pregnancy Ive spent on 1 winter coat(200$ sigh) and 1 formal trouset(99$ sigh). Mat clothes are simply too expensive in Canada and I feel guilty buying stuff.
    My real problem will start about 2
    Months after te baby is born when I will feel like socialising again. Nothing will fit. Neither mat stuff(will all ride down) and pre pregnancy will be too tight(esp tops). I hate it then becAuse you want to look and feel normal and you feel like a giant bloated cow.


    • Steph Mignon

      Oh totally, those few months after, while the body is still reverting to its pre pregnancy shape are the most awkward is terms of getting dressed. By 6 months post partum last time I wanted to burn all the maxi skirts I mentioned here, so glad I didn’t!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. brb

    I’m 39 weeks and I LOVE having a simpler wardrobe! One of my favorite items is a little black maternity dress that is super versatile, and loosely hugs my curves.


  3. cassiedash

    You gain whatever you need to! You look great. And I am a big believer that scarves and boots can make any woman look put together. No matter how you FEEL, you clearly don’ t show it. To the outsider, you are SHINING. You go, girl! πŸ™‚


      • cassiedash

        Oh my goodness, yes!! I started showing at around7/8 weeks with both my last pregnancy and this one and I felt HUGE by my second tri too…except everyone kept telling me I wasn’t. Part of it’s mental and then part of it IS that bellies just do expand faster in subsequent pregnancies, I think. But I bet it will all even out for you as the weeks go by. You look amazing no matter what!


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